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Poetry: By Kenji Darby The PROVIDER



On Monday November 26, 2007, Sean Taylor got shot. I cried.

Not because he is a Redskin, and I’m a fan for life,

But because another black man was preparing himself to die.

I didn’t even ask why? I just looked up in the sky,

Cried out FATHER! A tear dropped from my eyes,

My heart said, father, for me, please don’t let this one die.

This year my heart done felt so much pain,

Racism and hatred is at a all time high.

I feel like the world is preparing itself to erupt

But I can’t sit back and watch the whole world die.

If you hear me out there…

And if you feel me out there…


LIVE LIFE IN PEACE and stop the killing out there.

Let the whole world say




My Cross


Why is my cross bent?

Dressed like filth,

drunken and a living death

with all her guts spilt.

No pride at all,

staggered with an alcoholic pace

her dress ripped and torn, and she battered on the face.

Her feet were bare,

though one leg stained


yet hopeless

joy and laughter hid her the pain.

My heart said help this woman,

my shade black and hers is white,

sheep’s  among the beast,

and I’m, to be the light.

that somber day,


hearts are born pure


and my soul flew.



Heavens Life


You are so much greater than me. For I might be physically strong, and courageous… Your heart remains consistent. If everyone in the world would compare their hearts to yours, then the world should never mention the word heart again. For it is a disgrace to say, or to call what is inside of their chest, and my chest, the same thing that you call yours. Your heart, your spirit, your love…it is something that….I wish the world could play back, maybe in a movie, or a commercial. You would be something that the world could never touch. Though even when you were the age of two, I bet you were never terrible. Yesterday when you and my son laid in my huge arms, protected, provided for, guarded, loved, sheltered, engulfed, there I took a mental picture, and thanked God that I was so Blessed. I know how to be great and perfect…. Yet it is though I can’t touch what I already am. I have lived heavens life, and my life didn’t start until I met you. I love you.


Penn State



Penn State My beautiful mother,

Got love for my brown, white, yellow and black brothers,

Raised me like a white boy, raised me like a hippie

I’ve got my palm read by witches, I’ve made love to gypsies.


Penn State my beautiful mother,

Got love for my brown, white, yellow and black brothers,

Took care of this black boy in his time of need,

Almost destroyed him at the same time with your diversity and greed.


Penn State my beautiful mother,

How do I love thee?

How could I afford to keep our relationship going?

While I’m from poverty?


I’ve watched black become white,

White become brown, Indian become yellow,

Hell the whole damn town,

Melting pot?


Just like melting snow or sand in your hair,

Do people really care?

I’m talking about Penn State my great mother,

Penn State, my friend and lover.

Penn State my pain, Penn State my life

Penn Stand, I left behind my boyishness ways,

Penn State my wife.

I’m so sad mother, because now I must leave you, you have made me grown.

Don’t be afraid, you breed Lions, synonymous with throne.

Penn State I’m so sad, Mother I must leave you,

I leave with the greatest memories of my joy and pain, if anything I’m White and Blue.




I started writing a long time ago, before I truly knew the power of words.

And though words can be as powerful as an angry ocean, or as soothing as a deep blue sea, they’re are beauties that I can not explain. How could I truly explain the birth of my son, or the first time I kissed him on his lips? How could I truly explain, the tears that streamed from my eyes as I felt Gods love inside my spirit. How can I truly explain love? Though words are power, certain beauties, the unknown, wow, now that’s……… unexplainable. If I were to attempt to capture what I saw, when my heart first laid eyes on you…first I would be afraid to say it. It is not everyday that you look at a woman, and you believe and you feel in your heart that she is perfect. Her presence, Her spirit, Her vibe… and even though, and as I write this, I’m scared to picture you in my mind…For I am afraid to look at you in your eyes, I’m bashful. ……Hair, Skin, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Teeth…Perfect.

 I’m inspired; you make me want to be so much more than I think I am.

You make me want to be perfect.


My Father, My God


My eyes have seen him,

and I thank you grandmother.


I truly adore you,

the sunshine in my eye,

the tears on my cheek,

always the reason why.

You’re my first love,

my first Christmas,

you’re my every birthday,

you’re my flowers in the spring,

you’re my summer that takes the rain away.


I truly adore you.



New Publications Coming Soon!



Kenji Darby, M. Ed. will be publishing a series of books by Fall 2010.

 The first of such is a poetry compilation of some of Darby’s earliest and recent work & secondly

 a novel dealing with love, relationships, triumph and death. Both works are yet to be titled.