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Providing Sponsorship for Provider Multimedia Publishing, Inc.

Let us brand your company’s image, while creating goodwill in the community on your behalf.

Through our Outreach Partnership Programs (O.P.P.), we will develop your outreach program,

increase your name recognition, and firmly establish your good reputation in the community.

Sponsor our organization, and not only will we brand your company’s image in the community,

we will also provide our corporate expertise in other aspects of you business as well.


Our Corporate Capabilities

Multimedia Publishing (print, internet, radio, video), Marketing Communications (content & collateral development & editing), Web design (content  dev. design, editing & web publishing) Advertising (goods & services), Business Development (consulting, proposal & grant writing, corporate legalities & structure, public relations)


Corporate Core Services

Program & Project Management, (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing)

Business Analysis (Identifying Business Needs and Determining Solutions)

Business Development (Gain New Customers & Penetrate Existing Markets)

Marketing Communications (Outreach (Content & Collateral Development, Editing, Corporate Branding)

Web & Interior Design (Content Development, Logo & Brand Design, Editing, Publishing)

Multimedia Production & Distribution (Print, Internet, Radio, Video)

Services (Print, Internet, Radio, Television)

Speaking Engagements (Radio & Television)

Outreach Partnership Programs, O.P.P (Dissemination of Ideas linked to Mission, Targets & Goals)

Advertising (Goods & Services)

Interior Design (Staging-Colors, Furniture, Flooring, Pictures, Lighting, Accessorizing)

Mentorship & Life Coaching ( The PROVIDER SCHOOL-Personal & Entrepreneur Development )

Print Publications (Books, Posters, Flyers, Newsletters, Collateral-Direct Marketing Initiatives)



Sponsor Us & Learn How Our Services May be Tax Deductible!

Increase your name recognition, establish your reputation as a good corporate citizen, retain expert

marketing communications & design services, and best of all, your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Please contact for more information or to schedule a free consultation.