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Financial Contributions

Your contribution breaths life into our organization, and enables us to fulfill our purpose and mission in serving others. We are a fully independent, gifted and purposed driven organization. Every contribution you donate will go directly to improving our school, publications, programs and services to fulfill the purpose of our establishment, to advocate and advance economic, educational, health, and social development while simultaneously encouraging literacy, strategic and critical thinking, self initiative, self development and self dependency for those in need, the at-risk & less fortunate youth, family and individuals based in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Please view our Donate section for details.


Volunteers work directly with Provider Multimedia Publishing, Inc.s staff to serve our clients and our community. Whether conducting, journalistic interviews, writing articles, utilizing your advertising, marketing communications, public relations or personal skills to inspire and motivate, the Provider, Inc. depends on our network of dedicated volunteers to make sure we can help as many people as possible. The Provider, Inc. invites volunteers to come either as individuals or organized groups. To volunteer please submit and email request stating your full name, contact information, hours of availability and areas of interest. Please view our Volunteer section for details.


Provider Sponsorship

Through our Outreach Partnership Programs (O.P.P.) we will increase your name recognition and firmly establish your good reputation in the community. Sponsor our organization, and not only will we brand your companies imagine in the community, we will also provide our corporate expertise in other aspects of you business as well. Increase your name recognition, establish your reputation as good corporate citizen, retain expert marketing communications & design services, and best of all, your financial contributions are tax deductible. Please view our Sponsor link for details.