New Publications Coming Soon!

Kenji Darby, M. Ed. will be publishing, THE PROVIDER BOOK by Fall 2010,

In addition, Darby will be also publishing a poetry compilation of some of his earliest and recent work,

& secondly a novel dealing with love, relationships, triumph and death. Both works are yet to be titled.


THE PROVIDER BOOK: A Practical Guide To Allow All People To Live In Peace



Leadership: The Road to Leadership-Make Yourself into A Leader

Teamwork: Understanding the Power of Playing a Position & the Meaning of Sacrifice

Self-esteem: Understanding Self Worth and Confidence

Parenting: Motherhood and Fatherhood

Violence: Self Destruction, Physical and Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

Drug Use: Alcohol and Drug Abuse & the Harmful Affects of Prescription Drugs

Marriage: Maintaining a Healthy Relationship-Peace, Honesty and Sacrifice

Friendship: The Nature of True Friendship

Love: The Understanding of Love of Self and the Love of Others

Vision: Learn How to Set Goals & to Create & Maintain Tunnel Vision

Economic Development: Money Management & the Keys to Becoming Wealthy

Educational Development: Becoming Lifelong Learners & Understanding True Literacy

Career Development: Career Channeling & Resume Assistance

Image Development: Personal & Professional Appearance, Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

Health: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Eating Healthy, Exercising and Relieving Stress

Social Development: The Importance of Community Engagement & Diversity

Entrepreneurship: Creating Freedom & A Lifetime of Peace

Theology: An Open Discovery Concerning the Worlds Religions, Divinity, & Spirituality